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Subject GMP+ FSA (feed safety system) news regarding road transport
Writer URS Vietnam Date 2013-10-22 View 21720
In multiple European countries many transports are certified through incorporating into GMP+ FSA system, but also through its equivalent - approved systems. In these, so called, „A“-countries (see the chart below), since 1. 1. 2014 only certified transports of GMP+ products are allowed.

Transport must also be certified if the origin of goods is in a non-"A"-country, but one of the destinations (end recipients) is a GMP+ certified company from a so called „A“-country.

•The Netherlands
•Great Britain
•Czech Republic (since 1. 1. 2014)

The requirement for uncertified transport may only be applied outside the above mentioned "A"-countries.

The only exceptions apply to the transport of unprocessed agricultural products during harvest or hay and straw transport. Specific conditions must be met, if they are based on regulations mentioned herein.

Other country Other country Certified or an exception based on the specifications mentioned herein

Every year the owner of the standard (GMP+ International), in cooperation with the chosen parties, assesses the progress of road transport certification in the countries in question, and by the end of the date might apply the rules mentioned herein for those countries.

1. General requirements:

Certified company ensures (is responsible for) that the uncertified transport companies, which transport GMP+ products, meet the GMP+ standard requirements.
If a certified company uses uncertified transport company’s services, the certified company must apply the requirements described herein.

1.1 General
a.A certified company signs a quality assurance contract with an uncertified transport company, which includes rights and obligations regarding the GMP+ requirements.
b.The contracted transport company must be precisely instructed and informed about the transport requirements (cleaning and/or disinfection according to IDTF (International Database for Transport of Feed), keeping the transport records, as well as about procedures in case of non-standard loading, etc. This is to ensure an equivalent of GMP+ as far as GMP+ products’ transport is concerned.
c.Compliance to the contract should be verified by a certified company through inspection.

1.2 Initial inspection

Certified company should take into account and understand the following details with regard to the load surfaces:
a.Record of every load surface including at least 3 recent loads. After transporting a restricted load, the load surface must be approved for transport of animal feed products in accordance with the approval procedure.
b.Cleaning and disinfection details are required for every load surface. Cleaning and disinfection must meet at least the IDTF requirements.

Certified company verifies the above mentioned within the initial inspection. If the result of the inspection is positive, the load surface is approved for GMP+ products transport.

If the requested data are not available, the load surface must be approved in accordance with the approval procedure specified in the IDTF database, Procedure section (http://www.icrt-idtf.com/en/index.php?setlang=en) before the transport of specific feeds and feed ingredients (additives and feed material).

Inspection must be performed by a “load inspector”. “Load inspector’s” position is specified in the quality system of a certified company. The employee on this position is expected to be trained and experienced and have the skills needed to inspect the load surface with regard to loading feeds. In case the certified company does not have its own load inspector, it may hire one from an independent certification body of the inspection agency. The load inspector must meet the required criteria.

The load surfaces used must be clearly stated in the feed safety system’s documentation.

1.3 Periodical inspection

During the guaranteed period the certified company must periodically verify the following details regarding transport companies:
a.Cleaning and disinfection details for every load surface.
b.Details of cleaning inspection performed before loading the load surface.
c.Details of each load surface inspection.

2. Additional requirements

Along with the general requirements, certified company must also meet the specific requirements if it provides transport of unprocessed agricultural products during harvest, and hay or straw transport.

2.1 Transport of unprocessed agricultural products during harvest

It is allowed to use uncertified transport for unprocessed agricultural product during harvest for up to 90 days per year, in case of:
a.transport directly from producer,
b.internal transport between warehouses.

2.2 Hay and straw transport

Uncertified hay and straw transport is allowed provided the following conditions are met:
a.Only closed load surfaces are used. Load surfaces must be dry and clean, empty and with no remains or smell of the previously transported goods.
b.Original hay and straw transport takes place outside the "A"-countries.

3. Registration of other transport companies *

GMP+ certified company, which applies these specifications, records the name, address and registered office of all transport companies listed in the company’s GMP+ database. Certified company is responsible for updating the details.

* Registration of transport companies in the GMP+ companies’ databases is impossible at the moment (Feb 2013) due to technical difficulties. This requirement will become valid in adequate time. Companies and certification bodies will be informed.
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