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Subject HACCP tips for Restaurant managers?
Writer URS Vietnam Date 2013-10-15 View 19822
Delivery - When you receive a delivery make sure the food is in good condition. Frozen foods must be received frozen. You will need to open the carton and take the temperature of the item, which should be 0 degrees F or -18 degrees C. Look at the bottom of the box and make sure there are no puddles or indication that the product has started to thaw. Produce should read 40 degrees F or 4.4 degrees C. You need to check all the packaging of the dry goods to make sure they are intact. Packages that are crushed, dented or ripped may have damaged goods inside or there could be pests or rodents inside. The canned goods should not have bulges, dents, leaks or rust. Also check the dates the product expires. Refuse any products that do not meet these standards.

2. The Storage of Products - ROTATE! REMEMBER FIFO (first in first out)! This is extremely critical when the product involved is highly perishable, such as pre-sliced meats or produce. When you put your products away, always date the boxes. Make sure your refrigerator and freezer are at the correct temperatures. Refrigerated products must be stored below 40 degrees F. or 4.4 degrees C. and frozen foods must be stored at 0 degrees F. or -18 degrees C. Also, there should be enough room for circulation around and under the stored product. Never store boxes on the floor of the refrigerator or freezer. No canned or dry goods can be stored on the floor because they can be contaminated when you mop. They should not be stored near cleaning chemicals as these might leak and contaminate your supplies.

3. Food Prep - Remember to use only clean and sanitized equipment and utensils. Thaw all frozen food in the refrigerator. Keep refrigerated products cold until you work with them. Make sure all hot foods are prepared quickly and that they reach the right temperature (165 degrees F./73.9 degrees C) and that they are held 140-145 degrees F./60-60.8 degrees C. Never mix old products with new. Proper hygiene habits are a must for all staff with proper hand washing. Prep only the food you plan to use in one day. Date all food prep.

4. Serving customers - Because employees can transmit illness, they must have high personal hygiene habits. They must have clean hands, hair in place, clean clothes or uniforms and each must be thoroughly trained in proper hand washing techniques (before starting work, returning from the restroom, touching food or serving customers, after cleaning assignments, handling money or non-food items, touching hair-face-or skin and in between preparing different food products).

5. Storing products when closing - Store hot products in large shallow pans as this will enable the product to cool quickly. Never store open canned products in their cans. Make sure left over food is covered and labeled.
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